Sunday, 12 February 2012

First Half, Half Marathon

Just a quick race report. Today was a really fun day. The race was super well organized, the volunteers were awesome, the weather was perfect. I ran a personal best, my official chip time was 1:51:04. I am super proud of this finishing time.

I was very nervous at the start, so much so that I decided to go to the roundhouse/ start line alone. I did my warm up and my pre-race stretching all by myself. Standing in the chute before the gun I was so nervous I was actually shaking. As soon as I got running and settled into my pace I started to relax. The race was mostly mentally hard. There were a couple of times when the negative self talk got to be a bit much and I really had to think about what my coach had said. I had some calf discomfort and arch cramps in the last 3km. Overall though it was good. Hard work pays off. I can't believe I shaved more than 8 minutes off my personal best. I am soo happy! I feel so accomplished! Proud, proud, proud!


  1. What a fantastic result. it's good you got to the last 3km before it started to hurt, your mind can get you through that last 3000 metres!

  2. That's awwesome! Way to go out 8 minute PR is BIG!!