Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mock 5k race. Do your damn hill training!

I'm obviously not very good at blogging, apparently not great at keeping promises either. I got an email 2 weeks ago from Maha at the study reminding me that I promised both verbally and on paper that I would attend the mandatory Saturday runs. Up until last Saturday I had not been going to the runs. I had some weeks covered by good excuses, conferences, moving, weddings but let's be honest mostly I was being lazy. I prefer to sleep in and run alone. I tend to run faster when left to my own company and my itunes. I recently downloaded a mix from rockmyrun, it literally rocks my run and I think it makes me run faster. I love it, I recommend everyone checks it out. Its totally free too.

Last week I ran at the shop with a woman that does the same job as me. We got to know each other over the 6 mile run in a way that only running can really bond strangers. It was a really fun way to spend 75 minutes. I hope shes at the next 2 weeks 10 milers to keep me company. Its nice to chat to someone that I have stuff in common with.

So today we did a "mock 5k race" at the clinic. It was fun, in hindsight. Most of the run I  felt like I was pushing pretty hard, not all out but probably 75-80% effort. I say it was fun in hindsight because I was mad at the end cause km's 4-5 were all up hill, a very steep, very hard hill. That I had to walk part of. Cause I thought I was going to barf. It was actually that bad. I don't walk hills.  I don't know who thought it was a good idea to make me run that hill. I was mad cause it brought down my pace, and cause I had to walk. The good thing is though, it taught me a very valuable lesson, that yes, I already knew but a good lesson none the less. Run hills. Hills should be a part of everyone's training sessions obviously or you'll suffer when you encounter hills. I did some hill stuff when clinic called for it in the past but most of my runs are totally flat. I live like 4 blocks from the seawall why would I add hills? I guess I'm going to have to. I'm glad I have 4 weeks until race day so I can add hills now and shouldn't be too bad off. I'll post my splits below.

Happy Hill Running! Oak street here I come!

1k avrg 4:56
     fastest 4:34
2k avrg 4:40
     fastest 4:34
3k avrg 4:57
     fastest 4:40
4k avrg 4:57
     fastest 4:46
5k avrg 7:47... see what happens when you DONT hill train!?
     fastest 4:40
5.76 avrg 4:52
        fastest 4:37

Overall: 30:59 5.67km avrg 5:23/km

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