Sunday, 13 November 2011

Plans for Jan-June 2012

My race goals for the first half of 2012 are as follows (I've read it's useful to write down goals so that you actually achieve them, I'll one up that by publishing it on the internet where no one will ever read it)

February: First half  My goal will be, as usual for a half, a PB.

(Technically my best 1/2 is 1:59:03, which was unofficial since it was the first half of the marathon in May. I did officially finish first half this feb in 1:59:20. It makes me very happy that after like 4 years of trying to break 2:00 in the half and coming very, very close on many occasions that I did it twice in 3 months.)

Feb 5, 2012 Edit:

My goal for this race is 1:49:59. I am very confident that after aprx 12 weeks of training with a coach that I can achieve this goal. We did a lot of strength training and drills in the early days at the track and for the last 3 weeks have done M-pace long intervals. As long as I can mentally and physically recreate those training runs I should be able to reach my goal.

March: UBC Duathlon This will be my first ever race involving a bicycle. I'm a little nervous about the transitioning but think it will be fun and a great way to keep me motivated to cycle this fall/winter.

Feb 5, 2012 Edit: I wont be doing this event. I volunteered for Chilly Chase a few weeks ago which gets me free entry into Green Sock Half which i would rather do. Especially since it's free.

May: BMO Vancouver Half Marathon I'll be training for the full with the girls, but racing the half with my Dad. We're planning to finish together. My Dad ran me in for my last full but we have not raced together side by side since 2007 when we finished in 2:01:56 at the time a PB for me and a slloowww finish for him.

June: Scotia Half I've always wanted to run this, and have even signed up for it on a few occasions but have not ever run it. In 2012 I finally will!!

I may also do some 5ks along the way depending on their schedule. Short races are fun! And I do intend to run a full marathon in the fall, just have not decided where or when yet.

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