Thursday, 17 November 2011

Vibrams + Snow = No go.

Just had my first ever run in the snow in my Vibrams. For the record my favorite runs are in bad weather, give me rain and snow over hot sun any day. There is something so still and peaceful about running by yourself in crap weather. I know I winged a lot about yesterdays weather but it was still quite nice to be alone on the seawall with nothing but my foot falls to keep me company.

However, tonight my feet were cold after about 5 seconds and were so cold by the end of the short 30 min run that my toes and the tops of my feet were numb and tingling. It was actually painful. It's one thing to enjoy solace, another to be so uncomfortable you're in pain. As much I hate to say this, I think the Vibrams will be for indoor and summer running only. How sad. I really love to run in them. Perhaps I will explore the sock option however, I don't think it will actually add much in way of protection from the elements. Don't know til we try. Have you had any experience running in colder weather with vibrams? How do you do it?

I really hope it isn't snowing on race day or I'll be one cold little lady!


  1. I've been running in Vibrams for a couple years, and I haven't found a solution for winter running in them yet. Structurally, they do the exact opposite for insulating your feet than traditional shoes do. Separating your toes from one another allows the cold to "divide and conquer" them.

  2. Justin, Thanks for commenting! You're totally right. I agree on the divide and conquer. Do you run in them during the winter? If so, how do you cope?!

  3. I don't run in them much during the winter. I've only been *exclusively* Vibrams since this spring, so I will very soon be forced to decide. Last winter the few time I did run in them, here were my attempts at coping:
    1) Run faster: more effort = more blood flow = warmer feet.
    2) Shorter distances: less exposure time for your feet. More reasonable since you're running faster anyway.
    3) Stay dry: obvious
    4) Stay off ice & snow: though both are incredibly fun since the Vibrams give you so much more control, both also cool your feet faster than other surfaces do. In general, pay more attention to your running surfaces and try for those that have been warmed by the sun at some point or those that hold warmth better.
    5) Bum a buddy's gym membership or treadmill or any other creative ways to run indoors.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I met a guy at a race yesterday and he said vibrams make a winter model, I'll have to check that out too. I also picked up some socks which really helped as well. I think you've got it with the treadmill runs, that'll probably be the only way I run in the 5 fingers this winter.

  5. Hi! Just found your site and had to comment. I wear my vibrams outside in the winter all the time. I just make sure to wear appropriate toe socks. I usually run much longer periods, and I would say the first couple miles my feet are typically cold, borderline numb. However, after about mile 2, they miraculously warm up and stay warm throughout the entire following miles. Maybe it's just my body... I don't know, but it works every time! I'm curious to see if it works that way for others as well. Good luck in all your running endeavors!

  6. Hi Winter Vibrams lovers,
    I am in the same quandry as you. I am going to try putting little "hand-warmers" (used for skiing) in the tops of my vibrams and see if that helps. I have looked online and no one has mentioned this solution. I'll try it this weekend and report back! :)
    - Warm-Toe Wannabe : )